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Enrollment & Fees

Policies and Procedures Agreement

Sick Days and Vacation

There is no charge for any time taken off- by the childcare provider -for sick days, vacations or conferences. In case of emergency or illness, the provider will make every attempt to provide substitute care. However, parents should be prepared with their own backup plan.
The provider takes two week of vacation each year and will notify the parent at least two weeks in advance, with written notice of the provider vacation plans.

Parents may take two weeks’ vacation for which they do not have to pay. This two weeks’ vacation can be broken up and taken at anytime as long as the provider receives a week notice that your child will be gone two or more consecutive days.

The following meals are served each day at no additional charge (check meals that apply).

  • Breakfast9-9:30Am
  • Morning Snack 10:30-10: 45
  • Lunch 11:30-1Pm
  • Evening snack 3:30-4:30Pm
  • Dinner 4:30-5:15Pm

Should your child arrive later than any mealtime, you will be responsible for feeding him/her, except for special occasions or conditions requiring special diets. Please do not send any food with your child. This includes Chewing gum, candy, chips, cookies, cereal, etc. Arrangements can be made for days such as Holidays, Birthdays and or Special Events.
I am a participant in a Child Nutrition Program and I will make every attempt to provide enjoyable nutritious meals for your child. I offer a verity of meals and snacks that your child will be encouraged to try. I will be happy to discuss your child’s food preferences with you.

Should your child become ill during his/her day here, the parent will be notified and we will determine the best course of action concerning appropriate care. This may include the child being taken home.
No child will be accepted with a fever in excess of 101 or if he/she is vomiting, has excessive diarrhea or any potentially contagious disorder. There are other children which health is involved.

Any medication to be given must come in a clearly labeled prescription bottle with dosage information. Non- prescription medications will be administered by the provider with a written authorization from the parent. (See attached authorization) Health, Health Record, Emergencies
State law requires that every child in a day care home have an up to date physical exam. It is a must that we have your child’s updated immunization record on file. Parents must filled out all health requested for each child. This includes emergency treatment authorization and insurance or responsible party form. The forms must be returned to the provider within 30 days.

Clothing and Supplies
Diapers, baby wipes/special creams or ointments are to be provided by parents. Please bring at least one change of clothes each day. If your child has a special blanket please feel free to bring it with him/her.

Guidelines for Releasing Children

  • I will release your child only to parents with legal custody or to the child’s legal guardian
  • To anyone, the custodial parent has authorized by prior arrangement with me in writing.

**Note**Please notify me if your child is to be picked up by someone other than yourself. Your child will not be released to anyone without proper authorization.

Toilet Training
Extra changing of clothing will be required during the toilet training period. We are happy to help with the toilet training process at appropriate age (24-30 months)

Immediate Notification
Any changes in information such as: phone numbers; address; and emergency contact person are to be communicated immediately to the daycare provider.

Policies, Procedures for Changes and Renewal
Two weeks’ notice will be given by the provider prior to any significant changes in this “Policies and Procedures Agreement.” This contractual agreement will be reviewed at the Beginning of each year.

If you have any additional questions/comments/concerns please feel free to ask the provider. Keep a copy of the Policies and Agreement so that you may refer to it at anytime.

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